Tuesday, July 15, 2014


And no place else. If anyone is interested in the rest of the types of baloney out there and how to recognize it here's link to the article on RationalWiki. Their examples tend to refuting creationism and intelligent design. I'm a little cruder than the late Dr. Sagan. but the word bullshit rhymes so well with kit it's hard to resist. There's so much out there to take on. That you can poison your way to food security. That you can keep pumping ancient water out of the ground to grow grass in deserts. That we can plunder, pillage and pollute without consequences. That we can take it all leaving nothing for our children. Or great nieces as the case may be. Hey, my portfolio is fat and happy. I've got mine.

Caught the end of an old Errol Flynn film, They Died With Their Boots On. He played Custer. Some of the history is iffy but there's an exchange between Custer and part of a cabal whose actions have set the Lakota and their neighbors on the warpath. The twit is holding out for making as much money has you can. Custer points out that you can't take the money with you, but you can take your honor and your good name. As I said the history in the film is iffy, but the sentiment is oh so true. Two or three genertions down the road will this generation be praised, or damned as the exploiters, pillagers and plunderers that they are.

No, we aren't all guilty, but it's being done in our names and we can't seem to stop it.  

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