Monday, July 14, 2014


There seems to be a bipartisan effort to urge the president to send as many of those unaccompanied children back to their hell holes as quickly as possible.

The majority of these kids aren't from Mexico. They're from Guatamala, El Salvador and Honduras. Three countries that took the brunt of our "anti subeversion" efforts back in the seventies. These countries are lines on maps. I wouldn't call them nations. Salvador traded the death squads for the the gangs and many of these children just might qualify as refugees under the treaty we signed during the Bush administration.

However, allowing these kids to go before a judge and testify under oath will open a can of worms many politicians on both sides of the aisle would prefer to keep firmly closed. Under several feet of concrete if at all possible.

The truth is a funny animal. You can clip its wings. You can starve it. You can try to ignore it but it won't leave your door. Long past time to face up and lance the boil.

And I don't know whether to laugh or cry over all the hoo haw over the supposed health threat posed by these kids. Nobody worried about how healthy the illegal adults were over the years.

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