Monday, July 14, 2014


This piece on Huffington Post is absolutely, totally, freakin' priceless. There was a time long ago in a galaxy far, far away when our representatives at least pretended to respect us. Part of the time.

Much time was spent in the Oregon legislature this session debating whether counties could ban GMO seeds. It finally died. Oregon has a world class organic seed industry and possible cross contamination from say, GMO beets had the farmers in a swivet.

There's a bill in congress that would forbid states from passing anti GMO laws or laws requiring labeling. All for our own good of course since we're to stupid to understand the labels and the companies have spent millions of dollars and Euros proving that the damn things are "safe."

God forbid that local people should have a say in what's grown in their fields and what's in the food we eat. God forbid that farmers save and share the seeds they're grown for decades if not centuries. God forbid that we should question the almighty corporations of Dow and Monsanto instead of crawling on our bellies in worshipful adoration.

I've been wondering for awhile where the money comes from to fund the anti evolution crowd. After all anybody with half a brain and basic understanding of natural selection will realize that breeding crops you can poison without killing them, but killing the weeds is futile. A scenario that's playing out right now. The main ingredient in RoundUp is fading. So now they want to up the ante and ok 2 4 D for wider use.

Yeah, 2 4 D. One of the ingrdients in Agent Orange. Yeah, that Agent Orange. The chemical cocktail that the military spent decades denying was poisoning our troops.

Make sure that the local farmers have access to land and water. They'll feed themselves and their families. Jeebus Kerist they've been doing it for hundreds of years. And they'll keep doing it if the corporations, the US and the plutocrats get the hell out of the way.

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