Monday, July 28, 2014


Working with La La Land Credit Union you can transfer between accounts if it’s your account. I haven’t figured out how to transfer, on line, between two accounts where I’m primary on one and secondary on another. So, it’s do it over the phone. The one time I tried treating the transfer like paying a bill I was told I couldn't pay a bill on my own account. Thank you so much.

Usually it’s not too hard, but today I was ready to chew nails and spit rivets. Usually they ask what a recent TRANSACTION on the account was. This time it was a debit card purchase. Well, f’ing (didn’t actually use the F bomb) know, it’s been awhile since I blew the dust off that card, I usually write checks. When did I join the credit union? Damned if I know. It’s been awhile. Which branch did I join at? You’re kidding right? I think it was the old branch on campus, but I sure as hell don’t remember. Might have been VRC.

Then it started getting into intrusive territory. What’s your driver’s license number, What’s the code word you use before you enter your password. At this point I was royally pissed and heading for total badasss. Yeah I know. Jackie as a bad ass. I was able to get help from a supervisor. Finally.

Because I don’t fit in their lovely little pigeon holes we almost weren’t able to do business. All in the name of protecting me. Weird since I was transferring funds between the account where I’m primary to the one where I’m the secondary. This was my monthly grumpy day.


Lisa :-] said...

Things used to be much simpler in Credit Union land. But they have to keep "upgrading" their systems and their they can protect us from ourselves? Might be worth it to go into a branch and tell them what you need to do, and ask them how that can be done online. They used to be very good at one-on-one customer service...

Anonymous said...

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