Wednesday, July 16, 2014


“Each time we look upon the poor, on the farmworkers who harvest the coffee, the sugarcane, or the cotton, or the farmer who joins the caravan of workers looking to earn their savings for the year…remember, there is the face of Christ…

The face of Christ is among the baskets and the sacks of the farmworker; the face of Christ is among those who are tortured and mistreated in the prisons; the face of Christ dying of hunger in the children who have nothing to eat; the face of Christ is in the poor who ask for their voices to be heard. How can the church deny this request when it is Christ who is telling us to speak for Him?” Oscar Romero

And I might add that the face of Christ is in the faces of those children on the border. I’m assuming that at least some of the protestors claim to be Christians. I suspect that most of them belong to the “Jesus died for my sins” wing of American Christianity and that’s as far they go in following Him. The hubris. My sins are so horrible that Jesus had to die to atone for them. This isn’t the only theology out there, but sure as H E double toothpicks is the one you hear about the most.

That and the “if you believe hard enough God will make you rich etc.”  Also known as the prosperity gospel. Their pastors tend to live very well since the measure of your belief is measured by how much you give. I'm not sure how well their followers live but, hope and idiocy springs eternal.

I know there are good people working their butts off down there with little support or recognition. Sure haven’t seen their faces on the news. And now the house is working the change the law so we can just scoop these kids up and send them back to hell without even a hearing to determine if they’re refugees or not. Frankly, I’d like to send some of them down there in their underwear with no ID and no money. They wouldn’t last a day.

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