Sunday, July 13, 2014


No I didn't drop off the face of the earth. I do not recommend coming down with sinus problems and bronchitis in July during the first heat wave. Not good. So not good. And then when I did come up for air the politics was, and is, even more incredible than usual. The head of one of the biggest Megas in Dallas says that Jesus would want to build a border fence.

A nitwit in Georgia claims that the refugee kids are carry the Ebola virus, among other diseases. Earth to twit, if those kids had Ebola...let's just say they'd have never made it to the border and there would be a trail of death in their wake. Never mind that this particular health disaster is strictly, so far, a West African disease.

Another idiot in Minnesota has a really original take on what causes AIDS. Totally wrong. Good Goddess have you been living on Pluto since the seventies or what?

The problems in the Middle East are all Obama's fault. Never mind that these civil wars have been in the cards since the Ottoman Empire fell and the Europeans drew lines on the maps without considering if the people inside the lines would be willing to get along or hated each others guts almost as much as they hated the colonial powers.

All this crap over the religious right to act like a perfect idiot whiskey tango foxtrot is going on. I'm waiting for the obvious conclusion. "I have the right to try and spread the Good Word anytime, anywhere to anyone and you can't stop me." Semi Quaker that I STILL am. I'm hanging on by my fraying fingernail. Try that with me and you'll be sitting on your ass. Charge me with assault and I'll dare a jury to convict me.

And those kids on the border? If they were blond, blue eyed Presbyterians we wouldn't be having these discussions, /Admit you're a bunch of freaking racists and get it over with.

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