Monday, September 2, 2013


If the graph is accurate I really touched a nerve with the post on Nonviolence and Social Change. I'll probably never get that many hits again. And it's not about the number of hits. Frankly, it's if I don't write I'll go nuts. I'm just thankful a few folks stop by once in awhile.

I just hope everybody who clicked on the post read it. Who knows, perhaps it'll do some good. At least maybe it'll help us remember that the man was a man before we turned him into an icon and a statue. Not a perfect man. Far from it and he'd have probably been the first to admit it. King, Wendell Berry and a witch who took the name Starhawk. Change comes from the bottom up. Not the top down. Now how do we kick start things at the bottom?


JACKIE said...

Not shopping at WalMart if you have a choice for starters. Apparently for every two jobs a new store creates in an area. Three jobs are lost as the locals go under and so do their local suppliers. I've shopped at a WalMart exactly once. We were taking one of sis's dogs back to Portland from Umatilla and we needed a new leash. Wally World was the closest and I was not impressed. Place was filthy.

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