Sunday, September 15, 2013


Fourth grade they issued us little plastic recorders called tonettes and taught us the basics. It was fun and somebody must have been watching.

Fifth grade I got hauled into the gym with a bunch of classmates. They started me on the mouthpiece for a flute, I got a sound and they didn't go any further. Somehow my folks came up with the $150.00 dollars for that sucker and a semi talented musician was born. I was pretty good for a small town band, I enjoyed it but I never really had any illusions that I had the drive to take it past high school. Still I enjoy music. Thanks to band practice I can read music. At least the notes above middle C. IE the flute range.

Well it's a long time since high school and my pucker isn't what it used to be. I invested in a recorder (soprano) years ago. Too bad the arthritis in my hands makes it hard hang on to the darn thing the way you should and my short fingers make playing a tenor recorder next to impossible. Even spanning an alto is difficult. Then I remembered my kid sister's Melodica. I got a tonette. She got a cute little mini keyboard. LOL. I'd fooled around with it years ago. Even got the dog to "sing" along.

So what the hey, I went on to Amazon, went shopping and found this baby. Three octaves F3 to F6. The selling point for me is that it comes with a flexible tube along with the mouthpiece so you can play it like a little piano. I got kick out of one reviewer who said he took it on hikes for jamming around the campfire. "Yeah it looks a little weird but have you ever tried to pack a piano on your back?"

Funny thing is, my old fifth grade flute book is the best beginning resource I have. Hell the damn thing is a wind instrument after all. Now for those keys below middle C. I know WHAT they are. I just have to find something on line that shows me what they LOOK like on sheet music. With a little finagling I might be able to kick things up an octave and have some fun. I put in half an hour. I forgot how tired your mouth can get.

Here's the funny thing. Midge seems to like it until I get to that top half octave. She was either singing along or trying to tell me to knock it off. I'm not sure which. :-)

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