Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Lisa you were right. Perhaps we should never forget. But not the way say Fox News or the other drum beaters might mean it.

Perhaps we shouldn’t forget how easy it was to whip up that anger, wrath, bloodlust and the quest for revenge. I’d like to believe that most Americans didn’t realize that the elected hired help can have an agenda that might not be best for the nation and that most of us might not agree with if we were asked. 

In a way it’s hard for me to get used to 24/7 news cycle. I can remember when national news first began. Huntley and Brinkley were on for a whole 15 minutes at first. Imagine that. I finally gave up on anything after the first ten minutes or so most of the time. Because to be honest so much isn't news.n

Perhaps we shouldn’t forget how easy it was to exploit the worst of American nationalism. The day our army invaded Iraq I was passed by a beater pickup on the way to work. He was going sixty and flying a huge American flag. I remember thinking/ what is he trying to prove? And yes, there were times when I hesitated or pulled back on e mail messages. Even to family.

Perhaps we shouldn’t forget that “Mission Accomplished” moment with the president in his flight suit and the slow sinking feeling when I realized that not only was the mission not accomplished we weren’t even on first base.

Let’s not forget that we can thank president Reagan for big part of the widening gap between left and right when he presided over the unholy marriage between the GOP and the fundagelicals back in 1980. The GOP used the religious right for years. Steadily moving to the right to placate the base until the tail is wagging the elephant, not the other way around.

Let’s not forget that too many of us have stood by while words that were once seen as compliments have become insults. Liberal and progressive are the most obvious. And let’s not forget how the word Christian, which is an umbrella for denominations from Amish to Unitarians, has been claimed. Of ten claimed by the most fundamental and intolerant groups in the country.

Let’s not forget that too many seem to be bound more by hate than by love, or tolerance.

Perhaps the best way to honor the lost and injured is to not forget how easy it seems to walk down the path of hatred and destruction. So, so easy. If we do forget these things there will be more roads of hate and destruction to walk. Early next year my oldest nephew and his wife will welcome their first child into this world. I do not want that road for this child that will become part of our family. Or for the children of any family. 

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Lisa :-] said...

Which is why I proposed to "honor" the occasion of the anniversary of 9/11. Honor the dead. Honor the heroes. Hatred, racism and vengeance do not honor anybody. Not the living, not the dead. Why don't we GET that...?