Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Me and my new semi best bud get together and I make something that sounds like music. For that half hour I'm not thinking about politics. Or about how crappy the world seems sometimes.

I haven't made it upstairs to locate my table top music stand from long ago. (which might not hold half of what I've got any way) I mean I played my guitar sitting on the side of the bed with a heavy book or a small dog to hold down the pages. More about the dog later.

Anyway I've got this handy, dandy wooden TV tray that will hold an old flute book, the melodica and a cat. Midge is terminally curious and insisted on sitting in the middle of the pages yesterday. I'm trying to remember which is E and which is D in the octave above middle C, to say nothing of F and high C. Trying to come up with consistent fingerings. Thanks mom who took piano lessons a very long time ago.

I can read music. I can. Most of the time. And I'm having a ball.

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