Sunday, September 22, 2013


Late March before last we had a snow storm. In the middle of the snow a kitty showed up on the porch to share what we'd been putting out for Amber. He had a collar with broken thread where the tag had been. He was bright and friendly and "will you be my mommy/" He was pretty big then and he's bigger now. It's nearly year and a half later and obviously the orphan is doing very well. He's and innie/outie. He's an "it"  one way or another. He gets along with the other kitties. Midge likes to tackle him just like the others. And he puts up with it. He loves to sit in mom's lap. And when there's no lap well there's the floor. He sticks pretty close to the yard. The porch is fixed up pretty good. He can come in whenever he wants and maybe just maybe this winter we can convince him to come in for good. For the moment he's really, really relaxed.

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