Monday, September 16, 2013


why I bought that darn Melodica. I'm going to need that music really, really bad.

The latest on the "I can take my gun anywhere I want front."  Has anyone out there heard of any African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans of women of any group including WASP'S pulling these half assed stunts?

For the record I have relatives that hunt. I didn't turn a hair last fall when my BIL's sister posted pictures of her grand daughter getting her first gun safety lessons from her uncle. I don't own a gun. I don't really worry that I might be standing by somebody with a concealed weapons permit while I'm in the line at Fred Meyer's. I do have a problem with a couple of brainless twits planning to take their guns into a crowded farmer's market because they need them for "self defense." What? You afraid somebody is going to start lobbing cabbages, apples or watermelons at you?

If as I suspect the vast majority of the attempts to take what are not what I grew up calling a hunting rifle into crowded public spaces are carried out by white male individuals then this has nothing, in my opinion, to do with the second amendment and everything to do with intimidation.

And while we're at it. What about the rights of everyone else to go shopping or take their kids shopping with them and not have to start wondering if it's time to head for the exits or take refuge behind the displays? The rest of us have rights too, or do you guys even give a damn.

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