Thursday, September 26, 2013


Chew gum and walk in a straight line at the same time. Or in this case follow the notes on the page, count, get my fingers in the right place, remember to breath, oh and remember which notes are which. Following notes on the staff does not guarantee you'll remember which is E and which is C. Oh and sharps and flats. I keep telling myself I'm doing this to keep my sanity. LOL oh, so LOL.

Mom is very patient and the cats go someplace else.

I could probably just tootle on the darn melodica and be perfectly happy. But, no. I have to haul out my old flute book and start from the beginning. Surprisingly the book works pretty well. Except for the five keys below middle C the range of the two instruments is the same. Even if I got the darn flute reconditioned I'm not sure I could hit F6 these days anyway. That's two octaves above the F next to middle C and as I recall that's one heck of a pucker. Not that the music we played in band ever really needed that range anyway.

This version of the instrument that have comes with something sis's didn't. But then I think hers only played two octaves. Along with the mouthpiece I remember, there's this cute, flexible tube. Using that you can "play" the instrument like a tiny piano. Play is the operative word right now. But, hey my shower singing has improved and oddly enough; so has my typing. Weird, hunh.,

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