Thursday, September 19, 2013


Boy do I need that little keyboard. Even if I do sound like a herd of elephants sometimes. I do know how to read music. At least I thought I did. LOL Notes, fingers, keys, brain, check.

This isn't exactly a rant, but I've just about reached my personal limit of toleration for "believers" who insist that I share their view of the universe and that they should be allowed to dictate that the rest of us share that view.

“Biblical Christians love gay people as we love all people but we do not have to accept the act of homosexuality, which is a abomination and a sin. Again it's called loving the sinner but hating the sin. “

I wonder if the person who wrote this comment has any idea how freaking condescending they sound. Or that love the sinner, hate the sin can include more than gay rights. I’m Quaker and Celtic pagan. Both were heresies not so long ago. And it hasn't been so long ago that the “good Biblical Christians” would have done everything they could to “save” my soul even if it killed me.

I’ve run into so many of the passive aggressive types. They don’t exactly threaten me with hellfire if I don’t join the choir, but they strongly suggest it. Then they say they’re going to pray for me. I’m not asked if I want their prayers. Or if I believe in them. “I’ll pray for you.” Somehow I don’t think my offer of prayers in return would go over very well. I may try the offer sometime though. Just to see if I get an answer back. Care to place bets?

It must come hard to folks who have been used to calling the tune to discover that not only do more and more people not know their song, they insist on singing their own. And don’t care if you join in or not.

I’ll be honest with these folks, thanks, but no thanks. I do not require your acceptance, your tolerance, your validation, your condescension or anything else from you except to be left alone to work out my relationship with the unknown. And I’ll give you the same courtesy.

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