Thursday, June 13, 2013


Looks like I'm on a roll here. I've been reading Wendell Berry, especially his The Gift of Good Land. He may have written the essays back about 1980 but it really brings what we've allowed the would be oligarchs to subvert, divert and steal. No, not everybody needs to be a farmer, but we need to build a world we can sustain. Human sized and fit for human beings to live in.

Ohio is one of the states that seems to be out to convince women that we’re not human beings with functioning brains but little more than door mats. Perhaps it’s time for a national mental health week for women. Unless you’re working for a hospital, the fire department, police department, EMT or are serving in the military stay home or check into a half way decent motel with a few friends and any kids under say, ten. The menfolks seem to believe they know it all. Let them prove it. And the kids will survive on peanut butter and jelly for a few days.

Is it my imagination, or was it about the mid nineties when the anti abortion crowd really started getting in our faces. Curiously, that’s right after the USSR stopped being the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and went back to being Russia, minus a few significant pieces of real estate.

Without the threat of Soviet backed revolutions in our back yards the oligarch wannabes in this country needed something to keep the pot boiling. Keep the peasants trying to guess which shell the shiny little pea is under. And while we’re concentrating on the twisting and turnings hopefully we won’t notice that everything except the table the shells are on has been sold overseas or stolen. And I’m not too sure about the table. Aftre all we can all sit on the floor just as well.

After all, rhetoric aside, most of the fundibaggers (and yes I know about the other meaning for tea bagger. And you know something, I really don’t care anymore.) don’t give a rat’s a$$ about the kids after they’re born. If they did, they’d make sure that we were building a world fit for a human being to live in. A world where we stop strip mining everything in sight including the people.

Time for an across the board yanking of tax exemptions and requiring a list of ALL donors. And none of this “we’d be happy to tell you where we’re getting our money but we’re afraid of a backlash.” If you really believe this baloney then you shouldn’t mind letting the world know about it. At least we might find out how much traces back to say, the Koch brothers for starters.

And no, I’m not a fan of abortion unless there’s a damn good reason. But, abortion is just a symptom. A part of a mindset that nobody seems willing to fix because too many people stand to lose too much money. And I don’t mean Planned Parenthood. See the previous entries.

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