Monday, June 3, 2013


This is the month every true Oregonian dreams of for ten and one half months of the years. The native Oregon strawberries are in season. For all of about a month. You can tell the real thing. They don't come in plastic clamshells. You pretty much have to go find them at the growers. Like fresh peaches, you can barely get these home and they must be processed that day. They're juicy, drippy, stain your fingers, make the care smell wonderful and taste fantastic. And they're an example of how sensitive a certain small cat's nose is. Because Midge's nose was really twitching. "I've never smelled this before. It doesn't smell like fish. It doesn't smell like the yard breeze from that noisy thing in the window. Hmmmm. I guess it doesn't smell like fish for a reason. You can have them."

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