Thursday, June 13, 2013


The party of “No” is at it again. This time it’s Marco Rubio. It should be legal he says to fire someone for being gay. He appears to be ok on race and gender, for now anyway since there are laws on the books. Senator, you do know that laws can be changed, repealed? Don’t you? We’re all free or none of us is protected And he’s being touted as a possible candidate for president.

Let’s conduct a little thought experiment, shall we. One foot is still half in the Christian camp. My Quaker side is hanging on by the fingernails and, and to be honest, my hands are getting tired. The other side is Celtic pagan of a flavor to be decided later, but I’m leaning towards bard in the Druid tradition, what we know of it anyway.

Let’s say that a group of pagans or Christian/pagan hybrids have started a business. We’re doing well, We need to add some help. And to be honest, we’d really prefer to “stick to our own kind so to speak.” Imagine the foaming at the mouth outrage if we made it very clear that no Christians need apply. Especially fundamentalist evangelicals. Or if we did hire a Christian or three insisted that they show up early the hymns to the sun. Or suggested very strongly that they should show up for major celebrations such as Beltane or Lughnasa. Or the solstice and equinox celebrations. Or else.

It would be wrong of course. Discrimination is discrimination no matter who is doing the discriminating. And the Republicans and the fundigelicals just don’t seem to understand that the shoe can end up on the other foot so easily.

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