Thursday, June 20, 2013


This didn’t come out quite the way I hoped. I’ll keep working on it. Image by Barbara Kahn-Spiral Dance

Daystar we greet you in the dawn of the new day. We watch in renewed wonder as the colors unfold. As light spreads from the horizon darkness fades and we seem to see the world as if it were new. It is the same world you left in darkness, was it only a few hours ago. But it isn’t. The wheel of the year turns but time keeps it from being a repeating a circle, turning the wheel into a spiral.

We laugh a bit at our ancestors because they didn’t know what we know now. I mean Earth, Air, Water, Fire and those are the elements of Creation? What about all those elements on our nice orderly Periodic Table? Look at from their time. What more did you need. The great cycle still exists. Fire is the life force in all of Creation. Fire from the sun that powers the growth of almost all the plants on earth. Water to keep them and us alive and growing. From earth we came and to earth we return. The great spiral. The great spiral.

So we know now how the world is put together down to the very building blocks. And what has it gotten us? We believe ourselves to be smarter, but are we wiser? And I got some news today that makes me hope that we will become wiser as well as smarter.

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