Monday, June 24, 2013


Who would Jesus Bomb? And what would He use to do it? The interviewee in the previous entry seems to believe that a nuke or two would solve all our problems in Afghanistan. After all it worked in Japan, didn’t it?

After all the situations are similar. Aren’t they? Let’s see Japan was the aggressor nation, invading everything from China to Guam and Wake Island and finally knocking on the door to India. And let’s not forget Pearl Harbor and their plans to occupy Midway Island at the west end of the Hawaiian chain. In the end Japan was an island surrounded by enemies, almost out of fuel, food and so desperate the military was planning to meet our invasion with the last of the kamikazes and civilians armed with bamboo spears at the beachheads.

The war finally ended because the emperor said so. And that was a near run thing. The emperor just couldn’t say “we’ve had it, surrender.” He had to be heard to say it by the people. And he couldn’t just go on the radio, he was the EMPEROR. Some things just aren’t done. They had to make a recording of his speech and get the record to the nearest radio station for broadcast. And, believe me, there were militants who tried to stop them. The speech was broadcast. The war minister committed suicide. Japan surrendered and Douglas MacArthur moved in as military governor.

Now on to Afghanistan. The country has been a doormat for two generations. First the Soviets invaded and we supported the militants trying to fight them off. Then the worst of the militants took power and tried to take country back to, I’m not sure what century, it certainly wasn’t the twenty first or even the twentieth. And while the Taliban government appeared to be stuck in the tenth century, they didn’t try to invade anyone.

For some reason known only to the Bush administration we invaded the country. Yes, I know the cover story was that Osama was hiding in the mountains on the border. Yeah, right. Ignoring a history of failed invasions from Alexander to the Soviets we went in with flags flying. Actually one invading force did manage to succeed and it wasn’t us, it was the Mongols. And their strategy was really very simple. Surrender or else. The or else was “when we finally starve you out we’ll raze the city and kill all the survivors.” Brutal, but effective.

So Afghanistan is the nation that was invaded. It’s a landlocked nation surrounded by groups that are at least moderately sympathetic and able to resupply the war lords they’re friendly with. The handpicked (by us) president barely tolerates us in spite of the money he’s managed to skim off and stow away in his get out of Dodge if necessary fund. And most of the rest of the country either hates our guts or just wishes we’d go away taking our drones with us.

Yes, I can see where the two scenarios are very similar. Mr. Emery, do you think we’ll need two nukes or will one be enough?

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