Sunday, June 23, 2013


When Newsweek went to an all digital format early this year I started looking around for an alternative and finally settled on Sojourners Magazine. They tend to do "themed" issued and this month it's the military. And as you can see from the cover storty it's a whopper. Jerry Falwell may have gone to the big pulpit in the sky but his questionable legacy lingers on.

Here's link to the Drones for Christ article. And the composite shot is the cover plus the Liberty University logo.I really hope they don't mind. But I'm including a lengthy quote from Libery (oh that name) University graduate who apparentyly has absolutely no idea what nuclear weapons are capable of. God/dess help us the exit door is looking better all the time. 

“Richard Emery obtained a bachelor’s in finance from Liberty and went to Afghanistan with the Air Force. But Emery left the military in 2010. He told me he was troubled by what he saw as a pursuit of vengeance rather than justice.

“I’ve thought about this a lot, how we’re supposed to be forgiving and yet fight wars against enemies,” he said. “We blame Osama bin Laden for what happened on Sept. 11; one time I was in Japan, and they had a picture of him in a urinal. You were supposed to pee on his face. I thought, ‘I don’t feel right about this.’ I’m not going after some kind of vendetta. I just want to bring justice. You’re supposed to be forgiving, but you’re supposed to do your job. I’m not going over there holding a grudge against Osama bin Laden. All the people we’re killing, you know, I’d like to see them get saved.”

“I have no problem taking another person’s life,” said Emery, “if it would promote peace and liberty and the interest of the country we’re in. I have no problem giving my life for it. I’d end up going to heaven, so it doesn’t really bother me. But it becomes a problem when I start to doubt what we’re there for.”

Emery proposed the nuclear bombing of Japan as a model for how Afghanistan should be handled. “It was painful, but we dropped a couple of atomic weapons and they quit fighting, and now Japan is one of our closest allies.”

Emery expressed general disagreement with President Obama on “moral issues” until I asked about drones, and then he praised him.

“They’re cheaper. They’re effective. They’re tiny,” he said. “The difference between an F-15 and a drone is just the cost. If a baby is killed by a drone or an F-15 or a gun, the problem is with the intelligence, not with the drone.”

Emery, however, was clear on one thing. He doesn’t want drones patrolling our own skies or listening in on our cell phone conversations. In the view of this graduate, and others at Liberty, that wouldn’t be a godly thing to do.”

Ohhhhhhkay. It's alright to bomb the hell out of the people we call enemies, but it's not alright to use them for surveillance in this country. He differs with the president on "moral" issues but is ok with automated drone strikes. To be honest I'm not sure if the word drone applies to the machines themselves or their "human" operators.

And let's not even go near those peace inducing nukes. I'm not up on all of Afghanistan's neighbors but I believe that Pakistan, India, China, possibly eastern Russia and several other sovereign nations would object to glowing in the dark. And let's not even mention the west coast of this country depending on where the jet stream is aimed at the time the fall out could anywhere from Alaska to California. And points east.

I'd really love to know where this "individual" went to school before Liberty got their hooks into him.

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