Saturday, June 15, 2013


Just when you think certain folks can’t get any weirder somebody comes along and lowers the bar. This a picture of the official, standard license plate for the state of Oklahoma. The the sculpture image on the left is titled Sacred Arrow Rain. The warrior has shot an arrow into the sky in hopes that the arrow will carry his prayer for rain to the Gods. The artist was named Allen Houser and just happened to be a Chiracahua Apache himself.

This is a picture of the original and it was the centerpiece of the display at the Olympic Village in Colorado for the 2002 Games. It is an absolutely marvelous piece of art work. To be honest I’m not sure what the hoo haw is all about. The sculpture doesn’t depict a rain god. It depicts a human being using an arrow a means to carry prayers for rain. The prayers are probably meant for a Being sacred to the Apache, but hey, he could be sending his prayers the only way he knows and “target?” Well, Catholics use incense. Many groups light candles. The Orthodox pray to icons. Perhaps it’s best to leave some wiggle room.

Damn, I probably shouldn’t use all the terms I’m tempted to use because, frankly I’m fed up. Heck I passed fed up and entered the region getting really PO’d a couple of years ago. How often are neo pagans, agnostics, atheists and even other Christians who are tired of the in your face fundamentalists told basically told to “suck it up” when the subject of school murals, nativity scenes, mandated prayers etc. come up.

Well, a Methodist pastor who shall remain nameless here has decided that this beautiful piece violates his first amendment rights and he’s being allowed to bring a suit in federal court. He tried the state courts and it was thrown out. There is a plate with In God We Trust on it but it costs more money. And God/dess forbid he should have to carry around what he considers a pagan  symbol on his car. Wonder how much research he had to do before he learned enough to be offended? Again, I see a human being sending prayers the best way he knows how. And is the target of the prayers. The sculpture doesn't say. It's left to our imaginations. To be honest I prefer to leave it that way.

And God/dess help us. He’s a Methodist! Arrrrrrgh! (I used to be one)

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JACKIE said...

I also posted the picture on my FB page and had a good exchange with my cousin. To be honest this guy's problem probably has nothing to do with religious freedom and a lot to do with "I don't want no Redskins on my license plate." Freedom of religion sounds classier but...