Wednesday, June 5, 2013


What do you serve with fresh, Oregon Strawberries? Angel food cake, of course. We do custards a couple of times a month. The yolks go in the pudding and the whites go in the freezer. When you have the whites from a dozen eggs you haul out the mixer and practice patience. There are cakes you can "fudge" so to speak. But, this is one cake where following the directions pays off. Whip the whites until you can put a spatula in them and it stands up straight. Start the flour with the mixer but fold in the rest carefully. Very, very carefully. And use that serving ladle to gently put the batter in a pan that's older than I am. And ignore the advice to cut through the batter with a knife to remove large bubbles. What's a few holes when the batter rises so beautifully. Bake. Allow to sit until cool. Luckily this old pan has its own built in 'tripod." Pry out of the pan. Enjoy the crumbs and go find those barries.

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