Saturday, June 22, 2013


At least according to Rep. Phil Gingery of Georgia. Have to hand it to him. He's got great teeth. What is it with these guys. Do they have a time machine hidden somewhere? Or a wormhole to an alternate earth where "June Cleaver" still rules the roost?

This seems to be another in a sort of series of cases of Republican Foot in Mouth disease. In this case a Georgia congressman wants schools to start the old style gender indoctrination as soon as possible.

For starters this whole guys do this and gals do that is so middle/upper class it isn't even funny. Then add in the push towards getting women OUT of the home and into the work force so that they can earn the green to buy what they used to make for their families. But it looks so much better on the books when you spend three bucks on a package cookies that somebody else made in a factory and shipped half way across the country. There used to be some jobs where you didn't find women. Logging and heavy manufacturing usually. Although my brother in law worked with the occaisional gal pulling green chain while he was finishing his teaching degree and looking for that first job.

And I ran across Stone's novel about John and Abigail Adams. Who do these guys think kept the farms and shops going while the men were off creating a new country. Lucky for Abigail she could afford a hired man to do the plowing a grubbing. But some of her neighbors ended up doing a lot of the work themselves. And she did run the dairy and chickens, She could a sheep fleece through the whole trip from fleece to finished cloth. And I'm guessing she could probably work this guy under the table.

I had a university classmate years ago who grew up on a small ranch on the Rogue River. The family ran to girls and as she put it "I was liberated before I knew I needed to be."

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