Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Think Progress's take on some of the crazier conservative reactions to the Supreme's rulings on same sex unions. Rand Paul may be the most interesting in a way. He's supposed to be a Libertarian. That means keeping your nose out of other people's business as long as they keep theirs out of yours. Or he's a libertarian in the same way Fox is a news channel. Faux all the way. Look for increased attempts at the state level until the Catholic church and the Mormons go broke or the dinosaurs finally go extinct.

And I love justice Scalia's call for judicial restraint after gutting the voting rights act. If he had his way I suspect that voting rights would still be restricted to white, protestant, property owners. No women, Catholics, Jews or free blacks need apply. Most blacks would still be counted as 3/5 of a man and justice Thomas would at best be a sharecropper down in Georgia instead of parlaying his Yale law degree into a seat on the SCOTUS.

For the record the breakdown is Columbia (1), Yale (3) and Harvard (5).

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