Friday, June 21, 2013


The Supreme Court hasn't ruled yet on the limited marriage equality questions before it but the fundigelicals have already issued their warning. Hey, Boomers. Remember the Viet Nam era or even the Afghanistan/Iraq war era with the "America! Love it or leave it!" Well, ladies and genttlemen. Noting that a few of you probably should be in prison with the guys you lobbied for, this is the new America. Unfortunately the contries that YOU might find the most congenial would probably insist that you convert to Islam first. So I guess we'll have to put up with you for now while we're waiting for you all to go the way of T Rex, stegasaurus and the triceratops.

And remember how many times liberals, progressives, neo pagans, agnostics, atheists and just plain humane human beings in America have been told "it's the law, so just shut up." And how it didn't seem to matter how intrusive, humiliating, cruel or just plain inhumane the laws the party of so called small government have been continually pushing were? There seem to be whole lot of chickens roosting in the trees around my house lately. Watch out for falling eggs and "other" things that might come dropping down.

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